Sports Physical Day - Saturday, July 27th

Get your game face on!

Are you tough, intense, super excited, scary, or so insanely committed to your sport? Well, prove it. Let's see your game faces, team spirit, and intensity! Tweet us, tag us, and follow us for pictures and updates throughout the day! We're pumped for the 2013-2014 sports season. Are you?

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What you need to know:

Sports Physical Time Schools
8:00am Guilford, Christian Life, and Eisenhower
9:15am Auburn, Kennedy, West, Marshall, and Rockford Lutheran
10:00am Belvidere, Belvidere North, and Belvidere Middle Schools
11:00 Jefferson, Flinn, Harlem HS, and Harlem MS
12:00pm Boylan
1pm East, Lincoln, and RESA

If you have questions, contact your athletic department.

Important Items to bring:


How to get to ISC:

If you plan to drive yourself or be dropped off by a parent, check the map to make sure you know where to go.

Don't forget to check the schedule:

If your school is not listed on the schedule, then you may go at any time.

Participating Schools

Auburn Belvidere North Boylan Eisenhower Christian Life Flinn Guilford Harlem East Kennedy Lincoln Marshall Jefferson RESA West Belvidere Lutheran